Eid-ul-Azha political poster design with mobile 2021. Eid Poster Free PLP File: Mobile Design- JOSS HELP9

Assalamu Alaikum. How is everyone? I hope you are all well.

One thing we can notice at the present time is that in the past poster design banners / designs were done through computers or big software but now it is possible to design them through mobiles. And it has been made possible by an app that is available for free. Name - Pixellab. Which is one of the best apps for mobile design.

Our holy Eid ahead. We share poster designs on the occasion of Eid, but today we will share a design file among you on the occasion of Eid, that is, political poster design which is completely free. You can customize the design with full mobile. If you want your pictures there you can create poster designs very easily and very quickly using everything from your name.


What is a PLP file? How to open pixellab project (PLP) File?

How can I add Bangla font in Pixellab?

If you click on the download option below, you will get a Google form, where if you enter the password, you will get the link to Google Drive. From there you need to download the file.

link 01 : Download Click here

If you have got the password but can't download the file. Then you contact me. Must be mailed with a password.

Mail : iamsadi49@gmail.com

Video :

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